Saturday, December 13, 2008

A different kind of happy hour

As we stroll down "dessert row" (a.k.a. Irvine Spectrum's lineup of Kelly's Coffee & Fudge, Auntie Anne's Pretzels, Funnel Factory, Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt, and the new Sweet Spot Baker's Workshop), he decides on some deep fried happiness. We enter the unsolicited space and scan the carny selections. He requests a fundae, which includes ice cream, hot fudge, and whip cream.

Do you recall those commercials involving a frying pan, an egg, and the memorable, "This is your brain on drugs"? That flashback crosses my mind as we watch the lone employee create his made-to-order funnel cake. I quickly scan the room for other distractions, and my eyes land on a make shift advertisement.

Happy Hour
Monday thru Thursday

  • Mini funnel cake - regularly $1.89, now $1.25
  • Turkey hot dog - regularly $1.99, now $1.25
  • Nachos - regularly $2.99, now $2
  • Mozzarella sticks - regularly $2.99, now $2

Oh. My. Cholesterol Count.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

'Tis the season for soda

Among other treats, I have a fond weakness for carbonation.

If there's Coca Cola, I'll sneak some lemonade or a wedge (except when I'm having Chinese).

Barq's? Best with a combo pizza slice!

Ginger ale? Beverage of choice on airplanes.

Thanks to R (he's the striped shirt in my Halloween photo), I was tipped off on something de-lish. Sierra Mist with a splash of cranberry.

A bit reminiscent of a Shirley Temple perhaps. Its fruity hint of flavor is just right for the most wonderful time of the year.