Saturday, November 21, 2009

Talking turkey with a Top Chef contestant

Something urged me to pick the Marie Claire magazine off the rack.

Embedded between designer clothing and relationship advice was another "words of wisdom" article from one of my favorite television shows: Top Chef. If you look back on March 2009, you'll see my first discovery by Tom Colicchio on how to order a great steak.

Like ordering a perfectly done steak, planning a Thanksgiving feast is a timeless pursuit. There is time and energy spent executing measurements, temperatures, finesse. What better expert on the subject than European chef (and LA caterer) Stefan Richter?!

Despite the love/hate relationship fans may have of him, there is no questioning his culinary background. Most notably, he's held Executive Sous-Chef positions at both Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara and Bellagio Hotel, Resort & Spa in Las Vegas. A Certified Master Chef, Richter is indeed qualified to quip about the finer points of hosting.

I sincerely hope you find his article helpful. While much of Stefan's advice may appear common sense, I was intrigued by his thoughts on cooking the turkey. Actually, I hope to test it out before the holidays are over. Is it me, or is this the only time of the year when we really crave certain poultry?

Without further ado, here's Top Chef Stefan Richter's Thanksgiving tips.