Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fairy Tea Cottage - Seal Beach

So, like Seal Beach is right at the border of LA/OC. I didn't know if this would be at home in

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Couldn't decide, so this is my happy medium.

A surprise baby shower for one of my very best friends was this past Sunday. I've only been to a few tea houses, and was curious about this one. Information was few and far between, for when I would Google "tea house" and "Seal Beach" I would only find Vintage Tea Leaf (coincidentally, where her last shower was held). I called directly and requested a faxed menu, and was surprised to discover they had a website. I think the lady's exact words were, "it's new to us too".

The six of us were seated in the middle of their main tea room. I didn't even realize there was a private tea party room in the back until it became the topic of conversation. Our cups, saucers, and teapots were quite ornate and classic. The lace doilies were dainty, and the featured soup was black bean. What? It wasn't suitable for a tea house, but since we live in the land of fish tacos I wasn't about to comment.

For a party our size, there are two options. Queen of the Fairies tea ($25) includes the following:
  • Traditional Afternoon Pot of Tea
  • Homemade Scone with Devonshire Cream and Jam
  • Soup of the Day or Garden Salad
  • Assorted Sandwiches with Fruit
  • Dessert from the Tray

Silverwings Fairy Tea ($20) omits the dessert and soup/salad course. After my most recent dining adventures, this was the way to go. Mind you, they didn't skimp on portion size at the end of the meal. I think everyone received their money's worth. Everything is a little fancier with French music wafting in the background, wouldn't you agree?

A lengthy list of regular and decaffeinated options are at your disposal. Only one was unavailable. I felt like some black currant today. Everyone tried something different with the hopes that we would make the teapots communal. We ended up being far too polite to request a taste from someone else's selection. It arrives piping hot, and I require a good ten minutes for it to cool off before taking a sip. Tasty, but even more-so once a lump of sugar is mixed.

(By the way, parking on a Sunday can be challenging. Located just off Main Street, almost every possible spot is taken. I opt for the neighborhood a couple of blocks up for solace.)

My favorite part of the meal was their scones. A perfect, flaky bakery item is the pinnacle of British tea. Add to that some finger sandwiches and we are ready for a nap! Their selections carried egg salad, chicken salad, and salmon mousse. A couple of dessert-style bites were a bit unusual, yet we tried them all.

As mentioned earlier, do not refuse dessert. Sweets galore await those who choose wisely.

Fairy Tea Cottage

810 Electric Avenue ("...and then we'll take it higher" ~ Eddy Grant)



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