Monday, May 26, 2008

Vosges Haut Chocolat & Hershey's Cocoa Kisses

You will rarely read me post about chocolate. I simply do not eat it. Sure, I'll occasionally partake in some sweet treat at work. For the most part, however, it's not a taste I crave. Maybe I've matured my palette? It might be because I find it too sweet. Either way, I sit here this Memorial morning staring at a box.

A thin, pink vessel previously housed one of the most exotic flavors I've experienced for dessert. Granted, I'm a bread pudding fan. Most sweets will be a step outside of the box. It is an exotic candy bar. A goji bar, to be exact. With an ingredient list that rivals Breyer's All Natural ice cream. Check this out:

  1. Dark and milk chocolate
  2. Goji berries
  3. Salt

That's it. Four Vosges shops around the country. The closest to me being the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. I would go to Vegas for 41% cacao and pink Himalayan salt. I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this candy bar. I was raving to co-workers and offering bits to sample. The mingling of sweet and savory was intoxicating. I must find more. (Thanks to Moses at Mustard Cafe for bringing chocolate sexy back).

Closeted obsession #2 can no longer be found in retail stores. I have a twenty-five cent clearance bag stashed in my emergency cabinet at work. Ron (a fellow snacker) found it at his local grocery store and remembered my quest for such treasure.

Hershey has been an OG in confection history for as long as candy's been sold to the masses. It's a brand like Microsoft, McDonalds, Vincent Chase (sorry, too much Entourage). With a formula that stands the test of time, they understand the need to appeal to a changing market. The only time I ever ate Hershey was in a s'more. I discovered these gems by coincidence.

Due to the cocoa flavoring, the usual solid texture of a Kiss has been altered to a smooth, melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Dare I say, creamy. With just the right amount of sweet, it settles like a mug of hot chocolate. They were instantly used in my birthday favors (along with Elvis inspired Reese's banana flavored peanut butter cups, but I digress). Anytime I need a 'hit' of sugar, I reach for this sweet. I cross my fingers with hopes that they'll be back next holiday season.

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