Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food Network listens to their fans!

I saw my first commercial last week, and I didn't want to believe it until I saw it. And that's what I'm doing now on my TiVo.

Robert Irvine is back on Dinner: Impossible!!

Despite the lying, the hoopla and his tarnished rep - the powers that be didn't know what they were missing until it was gone. Sure - Michael Symon is an Iron Chef. He may even be cuter. However, he's no OG like Irvine.

Robert is a MACHINE. The ultimate multi-tasker and task master. For the premiere, he's at the winter X Games. It's a perfect match for his intensity level. His cooking evolves (and his temper rises) as the challenge counts down. It's like the busiest one-man reality show.

The best part about watching the mind of Chef Irvine at work is how he can make do with whatever is at hand. Most of his dishes are made with just a handful of ingredients, but he puts enough thought into the flavor combinations that they end up being showstoppers.

Obviously, I'm a fan. The truth is that Robert carries the show. The last blog from his website can be found here.

And how about them guns that are his arms?


Lanna said...

Do you know how good this post made me feel? Mmmm, gotta love Robert Irvine, even if he did cook his resume. Michael Simon never did get me excited to watch the show. Now that RI is back, my DVR has some extra recording to do.

brekkie_fan said...

Glad it made you smile!