Monday, August 31, 2009

All of Pacific Whey (bakery) for half the cost

I've been known to frequent Crystal Court (aka: the other side of the Bridge of Gardens at South Coast Plaza, or as Sandie would say, "whatever it's called nowadays") on many occasions. Mostly for wedding registry gifts, Ann Taylor Loft, Borders ...and soon Sur La Table.

When it comes to accessible dining options, they vary on this side of the bridge. Surfer fare at Wahoo's Fish Taco. Pseudo food court Signature Kitchen inside Macy*s Home Store. Upscale Japanese at Hamamori lounge. My midday cravings, however, gravitate towards sweeter, chewier delights. It is this hunger that brings me to Pacific Whey Cafe.

Previous PWC visits generally revolve around brekkie. Surprise, surprise. I've indulged in quite a few egg dishes and pastries at numerous locales. Newport Beach is tucked away in a neighborhood for its loyal clientele. Crystal Cove caters to al fresco shoppers. South Coast gets a fair share of those debating between Champagne French Bakery and Ruby's Diner. For a multi-location concept, this works well.

Since my Tuesday morning consists of PWC and chit chat, I did my due diligence and browsed their online menu for ideas. While pondering the griddle selections (lemon souffle cakes or heavenly hots?) I happenstanced upon a discovery.

All bakery items are half price everyday after 3:00 pm (at specific locations)

Brekkie fans rejoice! Generously portioned cookies, cupcakes, danishes and other things your heart desires are now for the taking. Between them and Zov's, PWC is my personal favorite for treats. On the fence? There's always Crystal Court starting at 3:01pm.

P.S. If you decide on brekkie, may I suggest the "Breakfast Your Whey". It allows you to customize an entree. Choices are either omelette, scramble, quesadilla, burrito or sandwich. Possible additions include tomatillo salsa, sweet bell peppers, goat cheese and turkey. Not for the frugal, pricing runs $1 per add-on. Good times.

9.1.09 - Update: The time at South Coast Plaza has been pushed back to 4pm. Guess an hour makes a difference.

South Coast Plaza

3333 Bear Street

Costa Mesa


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