Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Food trucking with purpose

We all need to make a living. Pay our bills, support our family and so forth. I noticed that the trucks in my area are now conducting double duty with their appearances. Not only are they saving on overhead (by not being a traditional brick & mortar) and earning their keep, but their placement says even more about them than just "pick me, choose me, love me" Sorry, that was a quote from Grey's Anatomy. Here are three examples.

Crepes Bonaparte: Currently collaborating with Working Wardrobes and their retail outlet, The Hanger. Gaston and his cordial crew will be showing their wares during the store's "Wild Wednesdays" beginning June 30. Each Wednesday will be dedicated to a different location, with Brea receiving them first. For those not familiar with WW, they are an independent nonprofit organization providing career development and wardrobe services to men and women in need.

Louks: Spotted participating in Glow Fest at Disney's California Adventure. The Magic Kingdom has gone trending and invited Aki Vourakis and his gourmet Greek menu to DCA for five weeks this summer. When Mickey and Friends start knocking, you know you've arrived. Also slated to appear next month, my friends at Barcelona On The Go.

Taco Dawg, Piaggio On Wheels, Oh For Sweets Sake, Calbi, etc.: All attending Social Media Day on June 30 at the Orange County Register offices in Santa Ana. Not quite a holiday, but one where we acknowledge how sites like Twitter and Facebook have affected the way we communicate today. A groundbreaking event, these trucks are perfect examples of how social networking has allowed them to thrive. Speakers, networking and food. Sounds ideal to me.

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