Sunday, October 31, 2010

A savory take on a sweet holiday

What's black and orange and awesome all over? (Besides the Giants) The holiday that reminds us we are less than one month from Thanksgiving and two from Christmas.

We don't get any trick-or-treaters in this neighborhood, but there is no shortage of candy floating through our household. My sweet tooth isn't what it used to be, but recently I found two delightful items that do tap into my salt craving.

Clodhoppers were courtesy of my best friend's mom. She likes making sure people are fed, like all moms do. Manufactured in Canada, these bonbons are simply fudge covered graham wafer clusters. Packaging cautions us that they are "highly addictive", and they are indeed!
At first they resembled yogurt covered granola pieces. Kind of a Nestle Crunch/100 Grand savory texture coated with a neutralizing vanilla outer layer. Just enough of this dual flavor to keep me reaching for more.

Pretzel m&m's came from my local pharmacy as a thank you for using their services. Who gives candy to a sick person? If you're seeking a perfect customer satisfaction score, they apparently do. Clocking in at a moderate 150 calories for the pack, these are the more accessible of the two. The familiar monogrammed shell merged with a nutritional morsel. They are the American cousin to my Clodhoppers. A surprising change from my usual peanut flavor. If you're a purist, you may be conflicted after tasting.

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