Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Watch TV - Part Three (or My DVR is gonna HATE me)

It's the first full week of April, and what's going on? A whole lotta tasty television. Seriously! Classy chefs, frugal finders, one business savvy Aussie, and Marcel (not the monkey) are taking over cable. Check it out.

Extreme Couponing: The Series (TLC) premieres tonite! My obsession with saving money has never been so piqued as when they aired the stand alone episode in December. Now, my stockpile has enough toothpaste, shower gel, pasta and tomato products (all for under a buck) to get our household through the next year. It's original and brilliant.

Top Chef: Masters (Bravo) also cooks up another season of diva-lite culinary competition, immediately following this evening's Top Chef: All-Stars Reunion. Curtis Stone is having the best 12 months, ever. First, he kicked ass on The Celebrity Apprentice last year. Second, the man is already a judge/investor on America's Next Great Restaurant (NBC), which I'm kinda digging. Of course, the handsome Aussie has this respected gig. Stone even gets the title of spokesperson for Great Grains Cereal. Would never have expected this take-home chef to gain such momentum, but he has.   

Marcel's Quantum Kitchen (SyFy) is already on its third week, and I admit to loving the scientific side of Marcel' Kidding. His ego may be greater than the tank of liquid nitrogen in their catering kitchen, but he's earned it. Whimsical, artsy, delicious. He hits all the high notes with their menu masterpieces in this original series.

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