Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Natalie Tran reminds me of home...sort of.

Some of the best finds occur when you're not looking. It holds true for shopping; and, in this case, catching up on Facebook. 

Natalie Tran is a one-woman YouTube channel who also spends time vlogging for Lonely Planet. In this clip, she's covering two of my all-time favorite topics: San Francisco and cooking brekkie....in a hotel room, no less.

With a Vietnamese heritage, Australian upbringing, and going to university in South Wales, one might be curious about her accent. I especially love the way she pronounces aluminum. Check out her version of porridge, bacon and eggs using a coffeemaker and iron.

How does Natalie remind me of home? Besides being Asian and cooking my favorite meal in the best neighborhood on Earth, she also makes me think of one of my childhood friends. Actually, more like two friends if you mashed up their personalities.

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