Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wahoo! Score Dad a meal on Father's Day

Ever notice the fuss given to Mother's Day? Flowers. Brunches. Spa treatments. I agree, they deserve it all. Let's just remember to show the dads a little appreciation this weekend, too. And I'm talking more than a greeting card or phone call.

For years, I'd bounce between golf-related paraphernalia and ties. He didn't seem to mind - Dad was pleased I thought of him as I went shopping. These days, I've come to realize the importance of giving time. Although the catch was that there was never enough of it (and it had nothing to do with being free).When I visit the parentals in the Bay Area, the first question I tend to ask is, "When are you free to go out (to eat)?" Sometimes with both, occasionally with just my dad, it's our time to hang out and just be. This leads me to today's post.

So my acquaintance Lisa works for Wahoo's Fish Taco. Founded by a trio of brothers in 1988, Wahoo's took the American dream and ran full speed with it. Combining restaurant experience from the family business plus their love of surfing in Mexico, the first location opened in Orange County. Success and a penchant for sticker-based decor soon followed.

During this weekend dedicated to fathers, they've got a special. Head over to their website and print a coupon. Good for a free #1 combo just for dad, they get a choice of taco or enchilada, served with ahi rice and either black or spicy cajun white beans. Their filling options are comparable, if not better than Chipotle: carne asada, chicken, carnitas, mushrooms, banzai veggies, vegetarian or fish.

Throw in a bottle of beer, and it's the laid back way to thank him after his golf game. Or his nap.

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