Thursday, September 8, 2011

Master Sommelier Throwdown At A Restaurant Next Week


There's wine, and then there's the Michael Jordan of wine. If that made sense to you, then you'll toast the special event being held on September 15 at A Restaurant in Newport Beach.

The first of many themed wine dinners, this is being dubbed Old World versus New World per Tony Motakef, A's General Manager. The establishment will be closed for a long evening of wine dueling. At last count, they were approaching capacity for the $145-per-plate dinner where diners will actively participate in the competition, selecting the ultimate winner.

With just over 100 individuals in the United States who operate under the title of Master Sommelier, having two super-oneophiles under the same roof is likely akin to the drama-free rapport on Top Chef Masters. Competing against Costa Mesa-based Jordan (yes, there really is one) is Mr. Peter Neptune, Senior Vice President of Corporate Training for The Henry Wine Group. Along with Chef Jon Blackford, the trio will host the Thursday soiree.

For each of the six courses specially created for this evening , Neptune will present an 'old world' wine, while the former Napa Rose sommelier is in charge of covering 'new world' styles. Guests will serve as both judge and jury, determining the best of each pairing. Bring your number two pencils sharpened, because we're getting schooled on some pricey juice boxes.

For more information on the sommelier showdown, contact Tony Motakef at (714) 322-8459.

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