Saturday, December 31, 2011

My obsession with Tasti D-Lite

I have this tendency to add disclaimers to my cooking, and stories to my reasons for some of the things I say or do. So let's give some back story on my newest craving.

In addition to dining out, television pop culture is one of my favorite things. I know I would be badass if given the opportunity on a game show (unless they ask me about Lost or the original Star Trek, then forget it). Anyway, I used to follow a blogger by the name of Michael Ausiello. He's done writing for Entertainment Weekly and TV Guide, and reading up on his spoilers always made my week. Ausiello has a few obsessions of his own: Mariska Hargitay, Smurfs, Diet Snapple, and Tasti D-Lite. That's how I first heard of this mysterious dessert. Oh sure, it's been on the East coast for years. I've just never gotten around to trying it. Even on my most recent foray into Vegas, I wasn't able to swing by the Strip location. So I did a double triple take when I spotted signage in Tustin not too long ago.

Since we live in a golden age of frozen treats, I was curious to figure out what made this obsession-worthy. Pinkberry wasn't doing it for me (not a fan of tart). Red Mango is all but nonexistent in California. Yogurtland is great, but too icy. Don't even get me started on some of the other knockoffs. So I began my initial visit to Tasti with a hint of skepticism, but Alexis quickly dispelled any hesitation with a bit of education and a lotta enthusiasm (typically left up to the customer and signage, if you've been in enough dessert shoppes).

Tasti D-Lite has a massive amount of flavors. Like 100+. Ranging from 70-100 calories for every four ounces, there are 8 options readily dispensable at any time. However, if you seek something else, they are able to recreate any other flavor in their repertoire in a matter of minutes. Seriously, how can you beat that?  Dessert on demand! I'm pretty obsessed with the Bananas Foster flavor (Nutella is close behind), because besides loving the actual dessert, I can taste the roasted banana quality normally saved for the heated version. 

They've been around longer than their competition, and classify themselves as soft serve. Not fro-yo, not ice cream nor gelato. They sweeten with sugar and other normal flavors. While it's certainly a matter of taste, my Treat Card is already racking up points. 

Alexis informed me last nite that they have a grand opening party scheduled for a mid-to-late-January weekend. Discounted tastings, entertainment and a swirly balloon will be the beacon for those who have yet to try Tasti. Give it a go, and decide for yourself.

Tasti D-Lite Tustin is located at 13662 Newport Avenue, on the Corner of Newport and Main (in the same plaza as Subway). Here is their Facebook page.

Oh, and Happy New Year!

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