Monday, September 27, 2010

Compassionate Cuisine - October 1st in the LBC

While I'm definitely an omnivore, I admittedly lean (more often than not) towards my carnivorous cravings. However, places such as Veggie Grill have made me pause and rethink my notion of what's yummy. I can almost taste those sweet potato fries....

Last week I found myself craving something healthy(?!). After checking their Facebook status, I saw that the Seabirds food truck was close by. As I stood under the small patch of shade provided by their overhang, a shiny orange flyer caught my eye.

5th Annual Compassionate Cuisine: A Celebration of World Vegetarian Day

The event will benefit Animal Acres, a farmed animal sanctuary and compassionate living center. Featured guests include guest chef Tanya Petrivna of Native Foods Cafe, musicians Makena and pianist Scott Sorrentino, and author Sarah Taylor "Vegan in 30 Days". I counted approximately 20 vendors listed on the back who will be offering up their wares (after paid admission).

While the thought of driving into LA proper makes me tired, toeing the county line and frolicking around the Japanese Garden at CSU Long Beach on a Friday eve does not. So show some love. Expand your horizons. Eat well.

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