Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Visiting food blogger: Flat Stanley

(Backstory: Flat Stanley was sent to be by my nephew Ryan. I was asked by both him and his teacher to show Stanley around during his visit. I decided it was about time Stanley became a foodie. This is his blog post.)

Dear Ryan,

Things are great here in Southern California. Your Auntie Anne has been a cool host. We've been to Knott's Berry Farm, Downtown Disney, and a LOT of places to eat. I thought you would like to see some of the places we visited.

In the first photo above, I'm having a BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) sandwich at Sonic. Did you know you can get tater tots here? The drinks are great too. LOTS of flavors to choose from.

Anne and I were invited to a preview of a new place called Taco Asylum (that's a place for crazy people). The chef put crazy things inside of tortillas. This taco had pork belly, carrot, daikon (like a radish), onions, and cilantro.

You can see on the right our visit to Knott's Berry Farm. Uncle Jack was with us, but he's taking the photo. Did you get my Snoopy postcard from here? I was not tall enough to ride the roller coaster, but we walked around and shopped.

This was our dinner place after Knott's. Did you know Japanese curry is different from Indian curry? It's not as spicy. I couldn't finish my dinner, so Auntie Anne ate the rest.

My last meal was at a place called Kimera. It was next door to the Google building (where you can search for ANYTHING). Erin, our bartender, said the doughnuts were great, so we ordered them. She was right! The chocolate sauce tasted the best with them.

Thanks for letting me visit Auntie Anne. She hopes you can visit too this summer!

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