Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reasons for nearly falling off the face of the Earth

Well, the big one is the fact that I am working again. A year-and-a-half later, I'm finally doing what Mr. brekkie fan wanted by doing something I'm passionate about: Blogging about food.

I've read OC Weekly for years, ever since I moved to Orange County in 2001. I'd scan the articles, but usually I was looking for recommendations on places to dine at. I never imagined I would have the opportunity to contribute my thoughts *and* get paid for it.

The blog is called Stick A Fork In It, and the team I joined is a group that I'm flattered to be associated with. Gustavo, Edwin, Dave and Shuji (a.k.a. "The Mexican", elmomonster, Das Ubergeek and Professor Salt) have their own thoughts about food, but we all share a love for it. I could go on and on about these guys, but I know their respective posts speak for themselves.

This does NOT make me an expert on food in any way. I know what I like, and I write about it. SAFII is a medium to share the random bits of information I come across during the course of my day. Brekkie fan's blog will focus on things that might fall outside of my OC Weekly guidelines. Actually, I would love to go back to my myspace roots and really start reviewing again. Alas, I don't know if I can.

I wanted to apologize for letting this fall by the wayside while I figured out how do work from home (a really foreign concept for me). I plan to make up for it....just as soon as I do one more thing. If my brother happens to be reading this, JR - Auntie Anne the Pretzel Lady is gonna make it up to Ryan now. Hope his teacher can show it in class.

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