Monday, July 16, 2012

Is it Sweet or is it Saucy? How about both?

After a dinner at Bluefin, Mastro's Ocean Club, or even Javier's, you may find the need to walk it off. Unfortunately, 99% of Crystal Cove Promenade is closed after 7 p.m. So unless you're browsing the slim pickings at Pacific Whey, finding sugar is as difficult as locating a parking spot. Melody Brandon saw the demand for dessert and launched her second Sweet and Saucy shop last month. I stopped by with my friend Suki before heading to a party for some photos and take-out.

While patrons can opt to breathe the ocean air on a sun drenched bench or shady table, our preferred seat is on the shabby chic sofa welcoming you upon entry. Flecked with pillows in neutral patterns, we almost mistake our setting for a tea lounge. As with their neighbors, the room takes on an airy nature from the whitewashed walls and natural light flooding in.

Be our guest
A feature not found in their Long Beach flagship: a refrigerated case where clients can request small quantities of chilled treats (as opposed to placing a larger minimum order when catering). Of the four shot glass-sized tastes, we salivate over strawberry shortcake and raspberry chocolate mousse. While they do remind us of Seasons 52's minis, we're pretty sure caloric breakdown is not taken into consideration.

Chill out
Vintage-inspired dishware somehow transforms otherwise trendy morsels into old-fashioned bites of nostalgia. Delicate lattice top caramel apple or peach pies and classic key lime tastes require no further explanation. On our diet, they all count as a daily serving of fruit. How pretty is that plate?


If you're still not convinced, peer towards the back of the store and find a collage of their features. Over a dozen publications showcased the delectables at one time or another. The table adjacent to us conducted a tasting-- probably based on one of the reviews on their wall.

For themed events, Brandon will do custom orders to your liking. Check out the petite Mason jars layered with red velvet cupcake and frosting. It coordinates nicely with her patriotic cupcakes. Not pictured were mini apple pies on-a-stick. Seriously. We don't joke about dessert.

Sweet and Saucy Shop 

7922 East Coast Highway, Newport Coast
(949) 715-0920