Thursday, August 16, 2012

Irvine on Irvine: Robert discusses the city

Larger than life. Seriously.
If you follow OC Weekly's Stick A Fork In It, you'll know I've spent A LOT of time at OC Fair this year. Some would say too much, and they are probably right. Hey-- when you're given access to all things food-related for a month, try to turn it down.

I have a friend who has the last name Coto. When she would visit a real estate pal for lunch, my friend would get looks and whispers because office staff would assume she's associated to Coto de Caza (ground zero for the Real Housewives franchise). So when I first heard of Robert Irvine, I would think, "Does he even know he shares a name with a city?" As the opportunity to interview Robert came up, I knew this was my chance to ask. But to drive the point home, I procured an article of clothing from City Hall, just for effect.

Sizing was impossible, like his show, because, "I'm very thin here (waves at waist), but I'm wide here (gestures to shoulders). All my jackets are made now." I knew that would be an issue, so XL and explaining how I wanted it to fit comfortably around his (massive) arms excused me from embarrassment.

So did he know about Irvine the city? YES! This is his tale.

I went to a Ford dealership in Irvine many, many years ago to see the Ford DB9 [pretty sure he meant Aston Martin, but they're all the same parent.]. The only reason I went there was because I was so in love with this car. I didn't get paid for the appearance, just so you know. They flew me in, and they had this vehicle in a ball of water [only in Irvine....]. And I'm like, "You gotta take this out. I wanna drive this car.

They couldn't take the car out of the water because of whatever reason, but they got me a DB9 to drive. And if I died and gone to heaven now, I've driven it, so it doesn't matter. It's a once in a lifetime drive. 

And the t-shirt? He loved it, (to his agent) "I want an Irvine city. Like this one, though."

Naturally, the topic became him being mayor of his own city. "I wouldn't be a good mayor. Everybody would be off at 12, in the bar, drinking. But they would have to work out at 9 o'clock the next morning. No later than 9.

We can do that, Robert. 

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