Friday, January 7, 2011

Another reason to visit SoBeCa - Taco Asylum coming next week

Native Foods has been stationed there the longest, providing vegans a hipster alternative. East/Borough offers Vietnamese sandwiches without being in Westminster. Mesa is my LA dining experience. Milk & Honey is a sweet ending to anything. What else could I possibly want?

South On Bristol Entertainment Culture Arts is about to debut the next destination in Costa Mesa culinary culture. Taco Asylum, from the creators of Haven Gastropub, just announced a January 13 opening date. Before you start deciding between lengua and carne asada, know that this is neither OC chain (Wahoo's, Rubio's, Del Taco) nor the kind found in your OG food trucks. That was not a typo, by the way.

Per their Facebook fan page, here's what foodies can expect:

o grilled octopus – flour tortilla, kalamata olives, oregano, feta, tomatoes $5

o escolar – cabernet tortilla, aioli, green cabbage slaw $5

o pork belly – flour tortilla, carrots, daikon, onions, cilantro $5

o short rib – flour tortilla, pickled red onion, salsa verde, cotija cheese, cilantro $5

o curried paneer – naan tortilla, raita, tomato chutney $5

o wild mushroom – herbed tortilla, mushrooms, garbanzo puree, parsley salad, fried chickpeas $5

o lamb – flour tortilla, olive tapenade, ratatouille, mâché $6

o duck – flour tortilla, camembert, dijon crème fraîche $6

o corazon – flour tortilla, pickled turnips and peppers, harissa $5

o ghost chili pork – flour tortilla, chili threads, pork cracklins $5

This 50 seat dining space will be open daily from 11 to 11. 24 craft beers and a selection of bottled sodas were specifically selected by Beverage Director Wil Dee to complement the international selections.

Gotta go. Need to block out my calendar for Thursday and start the weekend.

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