Friday, January 21, 2011

M is for....

Meat - Fellow blogger Griffin and I checked out a new place in Mission Viejo aptly named The Meat House. It's their second location in Orange County (first being Costa Mesa). Plans are already in the works for a Brea site. Their goal: 10 OC spots to choose between. World domination to extend to Northern California. They are primarily found along the East coast. Surprisingly, no reviews on Yelp to date. Who wants to be first?

Go for the quality beef, tasty morsels to sample, lovely variety of specialty items and carry out service (they insist!). We were informed they are well known for their marinades. I purchased a pound of bacon sliced to order. While it was a $9 dent in our wallet, Mr. brekkie fan cannot stop raving about its superiority. The website doesn't give a street address, so here it is:

23982 Alicia Parkway (cross street Jeronimo)
inside The Gateway Shopping Center

Microwave - We were fed up with our old one (came with our home) and were determined to purchase one this week. Note to self: mounted microwaves are tougher to find, require a drill and an extra body to help install. Thank you, Whirlpool, for making our reheating a little less cumbersome.

Mental - Like crazy/beautiful. Last week I attended a sneak preview of taco asylum. With tweets uploading on a flat screen monitor and indie soda & canned beers available, they are pushing the non-conformist envelope. Pleasing for both vegans and meat eaters, be sure to check out their FREE valet service at lunch. It gets even better: dual Happy Hours! (2-6p/9-11p). With such a, ahem, disturbing theme, I wonder if HH is the most desirable way to describe such a time. How about "involuntary commitment hour"?

More to come . . .

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