Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Come on, get happy (at Starbucks)!

Stopped by my local Starbucks for some cool refreshment and received the following....

a) Excellent service: Couldn't make up my mind, so my barista recommended something new - but charged me for my 'usual' price. If I wasn't pleased with my beverage, I wouldn't have paid the higher cost. (Normally I order a Shaken Passion Tea Lemonade sweetened. Today it was the Iced Tazo Chai with vanilla).

b) My Barista badge on foursquare: Recognition for (finally) visiting 5 different Starbucks venues. Yes, it's the little things.

c) A reminder: I was informed that from Friday, May 7th through Sunday, May 16th there would be a Happy Hour. Half price Frappuccino blended beverages from 3 to 5pm! As if we need another reason to go. This is timed quite nicely with their new customized Frap campaign

Mark your calendars for this excuse to take an afternoon break.

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