Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's a festival. For beer. Next Saturday.

Disneyland has one for food and wine. So do scenic locales like Temecula or Napa. Why would the city of Irvine hold a festival for beer? Because they can.

With more open event space than they know what to do with, next Saturday's fete at Irvine lake will be sure to bring in the hops & barley masses. Even though I don't partake in throwing back a cold one, the details surrounding this event are crowd pleasing enough to discuss.

Free parking!

The In-N-Out truck!

$15 tickets for Designated Daves!

80's glam rock band Metal Shop!

If you DON'T drink, I suggest grabbing a slice of pizza, work on that tan, and partake in some people watching. You'll want to look good while dragging friends back to your ride.

If you're ready to try 60+ brewskis (or know somebody who needs a ride), here's the 411.

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