Monday, May 10, 2010

A hard Habit to break

I am a meat and potatoes kind of gal. I'll take a steak ANY day over chicken or seafood. Having said that, I would mentally bookmark a particular chain every time I drove by it for future reference. They are known as The Habit (Burger Grill), and this particular location is off Main Street in Santa Ana.

At 4pm on a Sunday, there is a line almost to the door. A good sign, as far as signs go. A clean, well-lit place. Another star in my book. Pricing is reasonable too. For $6.95 I can get a burger, fries and unlimited soda fountain. That's within a dollar of many comparable fast food meals. You've also got alternatives such as salads or sandwiches to select from.

I wrapped mine in lettuce, which was not a wise idea. Instead of being a healthy substitution, I was busy having the fillings drip and spill all over me. While the burger was good, the truth is I found other details to love. That's what I'll share.

Onion rings! Seldom found in chains. When I bite into one, most of the time the inside ring pulls out before I can finish crunching on it. Frustrating, I tell ya. That is not the case here. Something tasted more fresh than frozen, and the rings were a nice example of that.

Soft serve! Of of the best bangs for your buck, er 95 cents. Your small cup is loaded with true vanilla, and then topped with a teeny cone for a little texture (or maybe just to be funny). Either way this is a filling finish to a hearty meal.

The Habit is more than a competitor, it's got some personality too. Instead of drive-thru, why don't you sit for a spell and enjoy the soft serve? Oh, and their newest location will be at 23632 El Toro in Lake Forest (inside The Orchard).

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