Thursday, May 13, 2010

Open house (Blackmarket style)

What if I said the term "wine flour"? Does that make you nervous? salivate? confused?

All three?

Well, for the gang at Blackmarket Bakery, it means progress. Cabernet brownies and penne, to be exact. Marche Noir (their alter ego) specializes in these innovative flavors. They love them so much they're throwing an open house to celebrate.

If you're as Costco as the next person, then free samples are right up your alley. Pay a visit to their Irvine bakery for a look-see and embrace the summery tastes. Jot down Saturday, May 15 (3-6pm).

17941 Skypark Circle

P/S - The gang from Barcelona on the Go will also be there providing additional sustenance! I strongly recommend lentil soup for chilly weather or the empanadas for other climates.

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