Saturday, May 1, 2010

What every Chinese restaurant should have (in their name)


This stems from a conversation I had years ago when a few of us were en route to dinner. Living in Southern California, we're surrounded by a plethora of Asian cuisine - Vietnamese, sushi, Thai, dim sum, Korean BBQ, just to name a few. It may have been the area we were driving through. Diamond Bar? Rowland Heights? Alhambra? Anyway, the overall consensus was the school of thought over these four words.

Think about it. Could you name at least one Chinese restaurant that didn't have some combination of these words in their name? (Naming it after a person or utilizing the word Chinese doesn't apply here) We're talking descriptive prose to allure you into the promise of lazy Susans and honey glazed walnut shrimp. A round table discussion for you and six or more of your hungriest friends.

It was a lively topic that day. Since it reverberates in my memory bank, I'm thinking it may have also inspired my love of tasty cuisine. While I've always appreciated dining out, college was really the time when I was exposed to different flavor profiles.

OK, on with my weekend. Thank you for putting up with my silliness.

Note to restaurant owners: To further enhance your image, we also highly recommend the inclusion of a 3-letter (all CAPS) "TV" name, i.e. CBS, ABC, NBC. Ample parking is a plus.

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