Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey & Gluttony Day

The Thanksgiving parade is airing behind me. Mom and Dad are munching their version of amuse bouches (persimmon and pancit, respectfully). I've got two different heaters blowing around me. We are early to the festivities, and I get dibs on the Mac to cut down on my phone's 3G usage.

Just wanted to wish everyone a good holiday. Except maybe those in the food service and retail industries who are stuck working today. Been there, done that, and enjoyed the leftovers once I got home. Hang in there!

This is also a friendly reminder that we are less than a week away from Top Chef: All-Stars! I found a brief video clip from the cheftestants serving up their favorite cooking tips for the season. I am partial to Dale Talde's White Castle stuffing....

Cue the DVR for next Wednesday, December 1st for the best food fight on cable.

Ok, I'm hungry.


Chubbypanda said...

Happy Turkey Day!

brekkie_fan said...

right back at you, Chubbypanda!