Sunday, November 21, 2010

Introducing Niyaz (aka Fat Dude On A Diet)

So in my earlier post today I mentioned my new friend Niyaz. We met recently at a group outing during Happy Hour Week. Over sliders at Marmalade and beer at JT Schmid's, I learned about his love for breakfast, the Giants, and his family. He also brought up a new project he'd been working on.

Fat Dude On A Diet is about Niyaz's (the self-proclaimed Fat Dude) journey to lose weight by cooking healthy. As someone who enjoys food about as much as he does, I understand where he's coming from. All the working out in the world isn't enough if I don't at least TRY to make healthy choices with my food. It's tough enough to find recipes that sound tasty enough. For them to be good for me is a bonus.

With the help of his friend, CIA NY graduate Brian Miller, Niyaz channels his inner chef and creates 3 new meals a week. His blog is inspiring, funny, and easy to follow if you are cooking along at home. Coincidentally, Niyaz's story occurs the same time as Christina's Story: 70 Pounds by Prom. A segment on the Rachael Ray Show, Christina is a high school senior looking to improve her lifestyle after receiving disturbing health news from her physician.

Week 2 of Fat Dude On A Diet just wrapped up. When I read Julie & Julia a couple of years ago, I thought how it would've been nice to follow Julie Powell's blog from its inception back in 2002. I suppose Niyaz can be my version of Julie, minus Meryl Streep.

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