Friday, November 26, 2010

Updated Happy Hour at House of Big Fish

I was up at 3am on Black Friday. My cousin Adrienne, her cousin Jenn and I braved the Bay Area chill and put a fender bender sized dent on our holiday lists. During the 8+ hours on our feet, I had a recurring thought....Don't forget to share what I just learned! Even the busiest shopping day of the year is trumped by my love of culinary news.

My apparent love of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer can be found in two previous posts. In fact, we're taking another couple there tonight. It's hard to beat the balance of hearty food, beach front property and frugal price. Yet they managed to improve it. I thought their merger of bananas foster and bread pudding was epic. THIS could very well surpass the merger.

What was once a literal Happy Hour from just 4:30-5:30 has super sized itself. Now, hungry souls can find solace as early as 2:30pm (until 5:30) to the tune of 25 cents. Yes, a quarter.

Then: HH featured a selection of chilled seafood and hot appetizers for only $3.

Now: A nosh fest of crustaceans, shellfish and poultry bites for $1 or less.

The "25 cent Shrimp Extravaganza" includes your choice of preparation. If you can picture Bubba Blue from Forrest Gump, it would make the best commercial!

  1. Buffalo style
  2. Teriyaki
  3. Garlic braised
  4. BBQ
  5. Thai glazed
  6. or plain peel and eat with cocktail sauce

"25 Cent Wing Extravaganza" includes the same five marinade options, no plain.

Their $1 oyster is served one way. Raw, on the half shell.

I've saved the best part for last. The Monday Night Football Special: Happy Hour ALL DAY LONG! Per the website, they open at 11:30 for lunch (10am on Sundays for brunch service).

Just remember to pack a sweater and bring quarters for the parking meter. It is Laguna Beach, after all.

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