Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nina's Indian Grocery now expanded!

I like knowing the surface streets in my area. When there's traffic, I just exit and my internal GPS takes over. I was coasting down El Toro this afternoon when something caught my eye. Like when you see those puzzles where two pictures look identical, but if you look closer you'll see subtle differences.

Nina's Indian Grocery (a place my best friend turned me on to), normally hidden from the main road, was now bigger and more prominently situated in the plaza. Initially I thought I was seeing a mirage....considering my dashboard told me the current temp was 92 degrees. However, I confirmed the sighting on the way home. Now that I think about it, I believe they took over the space that was formerly Nickel Nickel.

I selfishly admit that part of the charm of their previous location was the compact layout. Shelves packed with spices and treats. An entire aisle devoted to rice. The register/dvd rental /fast food counter. A mom and pop vibe. Then again, it's nice to see a local business doing so well.

The next time you find yourself in Lake Forest, check out the new digs.

Nina's Indian Grocery
23532 El Toro Road (cross street Raymond Way)

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