Tuesday, December 28, 2010

and you thought my pineapple post was random?

First off, thanks to Joshua for providing today's entertainment!

I'm throwing this up on the brekkie fan blog because the video you are about to view features a vegetable. A leek, to be exact. Related to the onion and garlic, it is mild in taste (like a scallion). If you plan to cook with them, be sure to read up on proper prep procedure, as they can trap dirt in their leaves.

Lemme set up this clip. Per J, the song played is, "a trance remix of an Eastern European polka song by a totally artificial Japanese performer. How did I not know about it and how did I live without it".

The YouTube description states that Hatsune Miku is not human. This voice is from software "VOCALOID".

I was just commenting to a friend how I once had a Japanese anime soundtrack phase back in college. Robotech and Gunbuster were my favorites.

So get your clubbing outfit on and enjoy.

Ievan Polkka

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