Monday, December 13, 2010

My lamb. My love. My Lazy Dog.

I don't hide my adoration for Lazy Dog Cafe. When Westminster (I still consider it Huntington Beach.) opened their doors, I held my birthday there. Once Orange started up, it reigned over their neighbors. These days, my check-ins revolve around champagne mojitos and hummus trios in The Market Place (Irvine). For a restaurant chain, I am quite content.

Recently I met someone for lunch. At some point, I decided a gift card would be perfect for Mr. brekkie fan's co-worker. A friend also loved their t-shirts, so it became an impromptu shopping trip. I inquired with a manager about purchasing the style worn by employees, and we were able to cut a deal.

During our conversation, it came out that I was a fan of their lamb entrees. However, they were no longer offered. Yes and no, according to my new contact. Turns out the items are seasonal and would be available NEXT WEEK. I almost teared up out of sheer joy, but I maintained my cool and thanked him for the intel.

Lamb stroganoff - Braised and tossed with exotic mushrooms, fettuccine and traditional sour cream sauce. It is savory and comforting to one's tummy.

Lamb shanks - Braised with burgundy wine gravy, served with mashed potatoes and confetti vegetables. I was on an osso buco kick for years, and this used to be my favorite.

Both items are priced in the mid-teens. Oh, and you'll likely need a doggy bag. When it's cold outside and I crave more than steak, this is Plan B for the next few months.

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