Monday, December 27, 2010

Random pineapple fact from my (Fruit Ninja) Sensei

I purchased Fruit Ninja for my iPhone a week ago. It is rather addicting (especially when I am away from home and left to my own devices). At the end of each game, your Sensei shares a fun fruit fact. After reading a few out loud, I started to sound like that kid from Jerry Maguire.

There's this one fact that fascinates me more than the rest.
Williams-Sonoma embraces this symbol of hospitality on their store windows. Shawn and Gus from Psych sneak one into every episode. The Chomp Chomp Nation food truck integrates them into their Kaya Cocount Stuffed French toast. It involves the elusive pineapple.

Supposedly, the fruit from this tropical plant contains an enzyme called bromelain. It breaks down protein. This is useful when tenderizing meat. Sensei, however, points out that bromelain is also added to beer to clarify it (a.k.a. prevent it from appearing cloudy).

The next time I'm staring into my pint of Blue Moon I'll feel empowered with knowledge.

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