Monday, December 6, 2010

'Home grown couture' or 'If Lady Gaga was vegan, what would she wear?'

Ever read the headlines after logging off email? I do. Human interest pieces (and other assorted entertainment news) can keep me clicking links until it's bedtime. I came across this piece a few minutes ago and felt compelled to share.

Yeonju Sung is not a fashion designer. A photographer with a vision, she blurs the lines between cuisine, clothing and creativity. While Sung resides in South Korea, her artwork is traveling to the US next month for an exhibition in Los Angeles. My favorite is the almost ethereal white gown.....made completely of eggplant.

The "Wearable Food" collection also brings to mind the recent series Top Chef: Just Desserts. In the October 13th episode, cheftestants were given a unique elimination challenge: Create an edible ensemble. While some faltered with their ability to incorporate their pastry chef talents, a few managed to excel with intricate interpretations of runway style. Host Gail Simmons' blog provides reference and insight into the minds of the judges.

While the pieces don't appear to be wearable, that did not stop Yeonju from crafting with thoughtful attention to detail. I would rather toss with my favorite roasted red pepper with Parmesan dressing than try them on.

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